New Images of Iron Man 3 Marvel Minimates

toy-news-and-talkDiamond Select once again have posted to their Facebook new images of their upcoming Iron Man 3 Minimates specialty store and Toys R Us Exclusive assortments. The Toys R U assortment features 2-packs with Mark 17 Artillery Level RT “Heartbreaker” Armor with Tony Stark suiting up, Mark 33 Enhanced Energy Suit “Silver Centurion” Armor with the black and gold Mark 41 Skeleton Suit “Bones” Armor, Iron Man Mark 42 Armor & Mandarin and Iron Patriot & Extremis Solider. In the specialty store assortment, we have “Cowboy Disguise” Tony Stark & Aldrich Killian, War Machine & Maya Hansen, Iron Patriot & Extremis Solider and Iron Man Mark 42 Armor & Mandarin. These will be available May 8th at specialty stores and comic shops and you can pre-order them now. The Toys R Us assortment will be arriving soon. (Source: Facebook)

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