New Images of Giga Power’s Not-Snarl HQ-03 Shows Scale of Figure

toy-news-and-talkOver at the Planet Iacon Facebook page, they have posted some new images of Giga Power’s Not-Snarl HQ-03 third-party Dinobot figure. The images show off the sheer scale of this figure and he’s pretty massive.

It looks like it stands a couple of inches taller than the Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure, which is a touch taller than the Masterpiece Grimlock. Now I’m sure some are going to want a taller Grimlock to fit in scale with these new third-party Dinobots. Check out the images mirrored below. (Source: Facebook)

giga-power-hq-03-prototype-comparison-01 giga-power-hq-03-prototype-comparison-02 giga-power-hq-03-prototype-comparison-03

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