New Images of Fansproject NOT Menasor/Stunticons, Including Crossfire, Down Force, & Last Chance

toy-news-and-talkLast week FansProject updated fans on one of their latest third-party Transformers, the FansProject Intimidator (aka NOT Menasor/Stunticons) with a batch of images. The first of them is available now, Car Crash (Breakdown), and we now have a look at the others along with pre-orders for Down Force (Drag Strip), Last Chance (Dead End), and T-Bone (Wildrider). These four are priced at $59.99 each and you can order them at online retailer BigBadToyStore. The final NOT Stunticon, NOT-Motor Master is shown, but as an unpainted prototype. There is also a couple of images of them combined as NOT Menasor. Looks great overall, a nice homage to the G1 characters. (Source: FansProject)

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