New Hot Toys Photos Reveal Star-Lord, Die-cast Iron Man Mark III and Marty McFly

Hot Toys Photo Reveals New Figures

Hot Toys is taking pre-orders for new products at the upcoming Ani-Com & Games convention in Hong Kong, from July 25 – 29, and their web site has “leaked” a few photos that we’re revealed until now.

We already knew about the Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord, but now we get a full photo showing the masked version of the figure. Hot Toys had hinted a die-cast metal Iron Man Mark III was in the works and they deliver. This should be great news for anyone who missed out on the MMS Mark III and isn’t willing to pay the high secondary market price. Best of all, Hot Toys is finally making good on the Back to the Future license giving us a Marty McFly figure. That’s heavy!

Prices are included on the pre-order page in Hong Kong dollars, for the trio, and it looks like they’ll run HKD$1,480 ($190 US) for Star-Lord, HKD$1,980 ($255 US) for Iron Man and HKD$1,430 ($185 US) for Marty.

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