New Hi-Res Images of Marvel (Avengers) Infinite Series Wave 2

toy-news-and-talkToday some new images of the next wave of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe successor, Marvel Infinite Series have surfaced. The hi-res images show both the figures and figures carded. The second wave consists of Beta Ray Bill, Death’s Head, Red She-Hulk, Steve Rogers Super Soldier, Thor (Eric Maesterson), Whirlwind and Yellowjacket.

First, I’m super excited about Death’s Head. Really great looking figure even though it is the Colossus mold. Second, WTF Hasbro?!?! Seriously, Steve Rogers Super Soldier and Yellowjacket again? The Thor is forgivable because it is some what a new figure, but those two again? Are you purposely trying to clog the pegs? Forgive my rant, check out the gallery of Marvel Infinite Series Wave 2 images below.

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