New Hades Mimic Outlanders Glyos Figures From 481 Universe Are Coming!

toy-news-and-talkAnnounced today over at the 481 Universe blog, new Hades Mimic Outlanders are coming soon. These new figures will be cast in the same matching black metallic plastic that the recent Onell Design and Kabuto Mushi figures used.

Apparently the figures in the images are not exactly what we’ll be seeing on sale. These figures don’t have the new part they are trying out. But we can expect new images and info soon. There will be two Hades Mimic Colored Outlanders going on sale, Midur and Nach, along with some great glow in the dark accessories, such as helmets, heads and Anomalies.

Lastly there is a hint of something we can expect to see on sale found within the images. A hint says it is not Hades Pheyden. There are more color options coming and will be revealed soon! (Source: 481 Universe)

481-unvierse-hades-force-mimicry-outlander-01 481-unvierse-hades-force-mimicry-outlander-02

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