New Figures Revealed for All Bandai Saint Seiya Lines

Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary Sagittarius Aiolos and Cancer Deathmask

This weekend’s Tamashii Nation event in Tokyo has created some excitement for fans of the Saint Seiya franchise. After announcing a new anime series, titled Saint Seiya Soul of Gold, was in development for a Spring 2015 release the exhibition floor opened and the Saint Seiya showroom was filled with new reveals in their diecast armored glory.

The Saint Seiya Myth Cloth line, which has been going strong for over 10 years, continues to add characters to its impressive library with the additions of Silver Saint Sagitta Ptolemy and Hades Spector Balron Lune.

The successor to the Myth Cloth line, the Myth Cloth EX line sees the greatest number of new additions with the first figure from the Poseidon story arc Sea Dragon Kanon, joined by Hades arc specters Pisces Aphrodite and Cancer Deathmask and the final Gold Saint in the Sanctuary arc, Aquarius Camus. Perhaps most impressive among the new Myth Cloth EX additions was the reveal of the first figure from the upcoming Saint Seiya Soul of Gold anime, Leo Aioria. Bandai has confirmed Saint Seiya Soul of Gold figures will live under the Myth Cloth EX line.

Plans to include Saint Seiya figures in the S.H. Figuarts line are also in place, with Sagittarius Aiolos and Gemini Saga shown as the first figures in the line. It’s worth noting the two Gold Saints won’t be the first Saint Seiya figures to get the non-diecast S.H. Figuarts treatment with Pegasus Kouga from Saint Seiya Omega holding that distinction.

Finally, the newest line in the Tamashii Saint Seiya collection, Legend of Sanctuary, based on this summer’s CGI reboot, adds Gold Saints Sagittarius Aiolos and Cancer Deathmask.

Source: Saint Seiya Friends

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