New ‘Dead Space 3′ Co-Op Screenshots

video-games-gaming-newsSome new Dead Space 3 screenshots have become available. These latest images from developer Visceral Games, show off one of the Co-Op side missions, “Marker Containment.” During this mission the main character Isaac Clarke helps his new partner Sgt. John Carver with the phantom visions of his family. This third installment of the Dead Space series continues the space horror story of when scientists unleash the Necromorph, a force they don’t understand and should not be messing with. Dead Space 3 will be available in February 2013. (Source: Joystiq)

dead-space-3-research-facility-01 dead-space-3-research-facility-02 dead-space-3-research-facility-03 dead-space-3-research-facility-04 dead-space-3-research-facility-05dead-space-3-research-facility-06dead-space-3-research-facility-07

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