New BORUTO Manga Series Heading To Weekly Shonen Jump


If you were sad to see the end of the Naruto manga series back in November, then you might be happy to hear this latest news. It has been announced that starting in Spring 2016 there will be a special Boruto one-shot created by Masashi Kishimoto–the creator of Naruto–and a new monthly series featuring Boruto in Weekly Shonen Jump. The series about Naruto’s son, will follow the adventures of the next-generation of ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and beyond from the Land of Fire. The Boruto one-shot and new monthly series will be released simultaneously in Japanese and English language version of Shonen Jump. Though Kishimoto won’t be fully involved with the project, he will be doing some oversight on it. I know some were content with how the Naruto manga series ended, but I’m sure there are still plenty (myself included) that would enjoy to see the story continue a little longer at least. (Source: VIZ)


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