New Battle Beasts Minimates Toys R Exclusives Images

toy-news-and-talkIn the last few days the Battle Beasts Minimates Facebook page has seen a couple of updates. They have posted more images of their upcoming Battle Beasts Minimates Toys R Us Exclusives coming this fall. They certainly are an interesting mix of creatures too.

There is a brown Scorpion, then Merk with lower snake body and a snake with walrus & scorpion mix. So along with the previously shown Battle Beast Bat, it is still unknown if these will either be two 2-packs or a 4-pack. You can check out the images below and look for these sometime this fall at your local Toys R Us store.

UPDATE: It turns out that only the Brown Scorpion is a TRU Exclusive, the others are just combinations of characters you can create with the upcoming figures to be released.

battle-beasts-tru-exclusive-brown-scorpion battle-beasts-tru-exclusive-merk-snake battle-beasts-tru-exclusive-snake-walrus-scorpion

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