New ‘Alien Vs. Predator: Evolution’ Video Game Coming to iOS and Android Devices

video-games-gaming-newsSome exciting news here for Aliens and Predator fans, Fox Digital Entertainment is bringing a new video game based on these popular franchises to iOS and Android devices later this year. The game is titled, Alien vs. Predator: Evolution and it will bring these two franchises together again. But don’t worry, there will be some human interaction too (just not as playable characters). The game is being developed by Angry Mob Games, they are the same ones that developed the Predators game based on the Robert Rodriguez film of the same name. The player will take the role of either a Jungle Hunter Predator or an Alien.

As you can see from the screenshots and video below, the graphics are pretty good-looking for a mobile game. There will be plenty of objectives and bonuses to be earned, including various Predator masks, devices and upgrades to the Predator Combi-Stick. There will even be an ability to call-in facehuggers. Playing as the Aliens, you will first play as a facehugger, then briefly, as a chestburster and evolve from there. There will be nineteen levels when the game launches, with an extra ten to twelve side missions. Alien Vs. Predator: Evolution will be available on iOS and Android devices later this year. (Source: CBR)

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  • matt

    I’ve been begging my dad to buy it for along time and finally I have it for kindle Xbox and PlayStation