New ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Featurette, Meet Agent Melinda May

television-news-and-talkYesterday, Marvel released a new Agents of SHIELD character featurette video. The latest character video focuses on Agent May, the team’s expert pilot and martial artist. Agent May, who is played by Ming-Na Wen (Eureka, Stargate: Universe, ER, Spirits Within), has been through a trauma that has resulted in her withdrawing from field duty and isolating herself until Agent Coulson recruits her to fly the SHIELD jet. Coulson and Agent May have some previous experience together, and he tells her that he is putting together a team just like they used to talk about. One that picks their own ops, makes the calls and doesn’t have to deal with any “red tape.” Agents of SHIELD is set to premiere on Tuesday, September 24 at 8pm EST on ABC.

agents-of-shield-agent-melinda-may-ming-na-02 agents-of-shield-agent-melinda-may-ming-na-01  agents-of-shield-agent-melinda-may-ming-na-screensho

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