Neill Blomkamp To Direct Alien 5!

Back in early January some Neill Blomkamp posted some interesting concept art that revealed an Alien project that he was looking to develop. The art showed an older Ellen Ripley and scarred Dwayne Hicks. The premise behind the project is that the Xenomorphs have would be heading to Earth, so Ripley and Hicks aim to put an end to it all. Blomkamp seemed to feel the project was dead in the water, that 20th Century Fox was not interested in pursuing it.

Well that may have changed as of today. Now Variety is reporting that Neill Blomkamp has been picked to direct the next Alien movie. For now titled Alien 5, the next movie in the franchise will be moving forward. It is unknown if Blomkamp’s ideas will be used or if something entirely different will be explored. There is also no mention on Sigourney Weaver returning, but when asked recently in a Q & A, she said she would be interested in reprising the role of Ellen Ripley.

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