NECA Takes Predator Series 15 Figures Behind the Lens

NECA Predators Series 15NECA took its Series 15 Predator figures behind the lens to showcase the latest additions in their longest running action figure line.

NECA’s Series 15 Predators lineup is comprised of the first Ancient Predators in the line with the Warrior and Temple Guard Predators, as well as a new masked version of the Scar Predator. An unmasked version of the Scar Predator was included in Series 14. Each Predator figure stands 8.25-inches tall, has over 30 articulation points and comes with character specific accessories such as armor, gauntlets, weapons, and trophies. The hands, gauntlet blades, and cannons of the Series 15 Predator figures are removable and compatible with all of NECA’s other Alien Vs Predator Predators.

Look for the Series 15 Predator figures to start arriving in stores in early May.

Temple Guard Predator

Ancient Warrior Predator

Masked Scar Predator

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