NECA Shares Work-In-Progress Photo of Kenner-Homage Predator Clan Leader

NECA Predator Clan Leader

NECA’s Director of Product Development Randy Faulk has tweeted an in-progress photo from the workspace of sculptor David Silva. The photo depicts what is obviously a figure based on the Predator franchise, but the question is, which one?

If you’re a fan of Kenner’s Predator line from the ’90s, the circular recesses should tip you off to what is the Predator Clan Leader. Released by Kenner in 1994 as part of the first series of Predator figures, the Deluxe Predator Clan Leader figure is instantly recognizable by tubular protrusions coming from its shoulders. The tubes were part of the figure’s whipping dreadlocks action feature, which was activated by a lever at the back of the figure’s head.

The Predator Clan Leader continues NECA’s homage to Kenner’s classic series, which also includes an amazing update to the Blade Fighter vehicle.

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