NECA Reveals ’86 Aliens Ripley Head Sculpt and Series 5 Line-Up

This morning we got our first look at NECA’s Alien Series 5 line-up. They shared a look at the head sculpt for the ’86 Alienslij Ellen Ripley figure. This features an all-new sculpt compared to the ’79 Alien Ripley figure. In addition to the Ellen Ripley figure, fans can look for:

  • Ellen Ripley – As seen in Aliens w Flamethrower/Pulse Rifle combo
  • < Bishop (Torn in Half) – Packed with an Open Egg and Facehugger w/ Bendable Tail
  • < Genocide Warrior (Red)
  • < Genocide Warrior (Black)

The addition of the Genocide Xenomorph Warriors is to help those that missed out on the Genocide 2-Pack to have another chance. Plus for those looking to build up an army of Xenomorphs too. So it looks like the Aliens line will still be going strong in 2015 with some impressive new additions. What do you think? (Source:

neca-aliens-seris-5-ellen-ripley-figure-head-sculpt-preview neca-aliens-genocide-warriors

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