NECA Predators Series 7 Pre-Production Samples

toy-news-and-talkNECA today shared via Twitter, an image of pre-production paint samples from the upcoming Predators Series 7. As stated, these are just paint samples, but should be close to the final production pieces when done. Series 7 is to include: Big Red (from ‘Batman: Dead End‘ fan film), ‘Predator 2′ City Hunter masked and from ‘Predators’, the Falconer camo-cloaked with his Falcon! You can check out the image below, along with some previously shown images of Predators Series 7 from NECA. Look for these on shelves in November 2012.

neca-predators-series-7-paint-samples neca-predators-series-7 neca-predators-series-7-big-red neca-predators-series-7-city-hunter-masked neca-predators-series-7-falconer-cloaking

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