NECA Hints At New Alien Products With Photos Featuring Lambert and Fossilized Space Jockey

NECA Alien Lambert and Fossilized Space Jockey AlienNECA has posted a trio of teaser photos on Twitter with their Reel Toys figures recreating scenes from Alien, in which Nostromo crew members Dallas, Kane and Lambert explore a derelict alien spacecraft on LV-426.

A caption included with the photos reads: “Alien life form…Looks like its been dead a long time…. Fossilized. Looks like its grown out of the chair.

NECA’s photos are of interest because they indicate the toymaker plans to expand their Reel Toys Alien lineup to include a figure based on the Nostromo’s navigator Joan Lambert, played by Veronica Cartwright, as well as a Fossilized Alien Space Jockey that is in scale with their 7-inch human figures. According to NECA, the Fossilized Space Jockey is “made of hand-painted foam rubber and latex,” is two feet long, over 18 inches tall, has a circular base 18 inches in diameter and weight 15 pounds. NECA’s Fossilized Space Jockey is scheduled for release in Dec. and will be priced between $300 – $350.

NECA’s Nostromo suit Kane and Dallas figures were released as part of their Aliens series wave 3 and 4, respectively. It’s also worth noting that NECA’s Kane figure was designed with a broken helmet visor and facehugger covering the portrait of John Hurt‎, as Hurt has been reluctant to release rights to his likeness.

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