NECA Confirms Mogwai Series 3. Plus, Terminator Series 3 Packaging Images

toy-news-and-talkFans fo NECA’s Gremlins and Mogwai Series will be happy to hear this. Along with their Toys R Us Exclusive 2-Pack announcement yesterday, it was also confirmed on Twitter and their site that we will be getting their Mogwai Series 3.

It was said that we’ll see them in January/February 2013. The series 3 line-up will consist of (Sad) Gizmo, Stripe and what they are dubbing “Haskins” now.

neca-mogwai-series-3-gizmo-sad neca-mogwai-series-3-haskins neca-mogwai-series-3-stripe

In addition to the Mogwai Series 3 announcement, NECA also revealed a first look their Terminator Series 3 figures in packaging today. Shown in packaging for series 3 is: Kyle Reese, (Tanker Pursuit) T-800 and (Liquid Nitrogen) T-1000. This series will be available this fall.

neca-terminator-series-3-kyle-reese neca-terminator-series-3-t800-tanker-pursuit neca-terminator-series-3-t-1000-liquid-nitrogen

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