NECA Cancels Upcoming Prometheus Series 3 Fifield and Dr. Shaw Figures, Others Still A Go

toy-news-and-talkWell a bit of unfortunate news today about the NECA Prometheus Series of figures. No, the line hasn’t been cancelled, but it seems there have been some cuts to Series 3. Due to low sales, any new figures requiring new tooling have been shelved. So only existing tooling will be used. That means Dr. Shaw and Fifield have been cancelled. At least for now. Hard to say if sales will increase to allow them to be released, but I probably wouldn’t hold your breath. Not sure what that leaves for Series 3 other than Holloway now, possibly another Engineer? Pre-orders should be popping up soon to let us know what we are still getting. (Source: Twitter)


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  • ActionFigFury

    What!!!? hell no this can’t happen i mean i was gonna collect all of them but now i don’t think I’ve got a chance!