NECA Announces Quarter-Scale Batman Returns Catwoman Figure

NECA Quarter-Scale Batman Returns Catwoman FigureNECA has announced a quarter-scale Batman Returns Catwoman figure, in the likeness of Michelle Pfeiffer, who portrayed the Gotham catburglar in the 1992 film.

Standing nearly 18 inches tall and featuring 30 points of articulation, Catwoman comes with two interchangeable portraits (one calm; one angry, with synthetic hair escaping from a battle damaged mask), and switch-out hands. She is armed with a ‪taser‬ and her signature ‎whip.

Catwoman joins NECA’s quarter-scale Batman–based on the likeness of Michael Keaton–and Penguin–based on the likeness of Danny DeVito–figures from the ’90s era cinematic Batman. Look for Catwoman to hit retail in Oct.

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