NECA Announces Changes to Predators Series 12 Line-Up

toy-news-and-talkEarlier today, NECA once again shared details of upcoming product with fans. What they shared was a change to their Predators Series 12 line-up. The 12th series initially set to introduce their first ever Predators from Dark Horse’s Bad Blood comic book series, Bad Blood and Enforcer Predator, along with a new and improved Elder Predator from Predator 2.

Now Bad Blood is moved to be released as a Deluxe Figure Predator. Taking his place will be the Viper Predator, who was originally planned to be released with the Blade Fighter vehicle (yes, there is a Predator vehicle coming). The good news here is that we are still getting all the figures, and the cost of the Blade Fighter vehicle will be a bit lower since it won’t be coming with a figure. Details and solicitations for the Blade Fighter will be available soon. (Source: Twitter)

UPDATE 4/9: New images of Series 12 and the Viper Predator from NECA have been added.

neca-predator-series-12-viper-predator neca-predator-series-12-viper-predator-enforcer-predator-and-elder-predator neca-predators-series-12-line-up neca-predator-blade-fighter

(Predators Series 12 image courtesy of

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