NBC to Revive ‘Heroes’ as 13-Episode Mini-Series

television-tv-news-and-talkI guess now that super hero movies are a bit hit at the box office, NBC is going to try to cash in with Heroes. Again. NBC has announced that they are bring Heroes back as a 13-episode mini-series event. Titled, Heroes Reborn, the mini-series will be coming in 2015 with original series creator Tim Kring on board.

The plot details are being kept a secret for now and will remain that way until we get closer to the 2015 premiere. Kring says he plans to build upon the original series, and we may see some of the original cast returning.

I watched Heroes when it first aired, but fell off watching it towards the end. The first couple of seasons weren’t bad, but the show soon took a turn towards Cheeseville. I hope that this Heroes Reborn can do something good. What do you guys think? (Source: THR)

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