Myo, Allows You to Shoot Enemies With Your Finger and More!

geek-talk-iconMyo aims to help take control of your digital life, and make it easy. This wearable gesture control device will allow you to control your computer and other devices with the swipe of your hand or moving your fingers. The armband measures electrical activity in your arm muscles and then translates that to gestures and movements into corresponding actions on your digital device. So now you can shoot those bad guys on the screen just like you did as a kid and take them out for real (well as real as a game can get). Or you can pretend you are a Jedi (or Sith). You can also control your computer in different ways (wonder what giving it the finger will do?), including browsing, video and music control and more. The Myo will cost $149 US and is shipping later this year from Thalmic Labs. You can order yours (quantities are limited) and learn more here at

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