Toy Review: My Little Pony Year of the Horse Pinkie Pie


To celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 and the Year of the Horse, Hasbro designed an 8-inch My Little Pony Pinkie Pie figure complete with Chinese dress and decoration. Being a proud horse myself, I couldn’t pass this figure up.

Hoove Would Have Known?

I actually had no idea what scale Pinkie Pie was created in, so my first impression was “holy cow she’s huge!” She’s about twice the size of a standard pony. Pinkie’s box art is beautiful and vibrant. I adore the illustration of Pinkie Pie on the back and her pony friends along the sides. It seems that a lot of work went into the box design, probably because Hasbro knew this would be a display piece for many.

Pinkie Pie is painted as if she’s wearing a red Chinese dress adorned with gold decorations and her balloon cutie mark is still on her bum. She also has silver decorations painted around her eyes and on her legs, and her feet are covered in glitter.  These intricate details are beautifully done and are what make this figure more of a collectors’ piece for display than one you’d want to give to the kids to play with.

The Mane Problem

Pinkie Pie comes with the standard MLP accessory, a glittery “jade” comb.  Pinkie Pie’s hair features iridescent strands, adding to the festiveness of the figure, but they don’t curl with the rest of her hair. All around her hair is just a mess.  Her mane is a tangly wad, and her tail has a wetness like there’s some sort of product in it. Combing only seems to make it all worse. I’ve resorted to curling and combing with my fingers, which improves the mane, but doesn’t seem to help the tail.

In the Home Stretch

Overall, I love Year of the Horse Pinkie Pie. I love the concept, and I think she’s beautiful. Though, I probably am a bit biased being both a MLP fan and a horse (no need to guess my age!). As soon as I heard about it, I had to have her! One nit-picky gripe though — the copyright date on the bottom of her hoof is 2013. If you’re going to make a date-specific item such as a 2014 Chinese New Year celebratory horse, find a way to mark it with the 2014 date.

Year of the Horse Pinkie Pie is a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive and is available both in store and online for $24.99.

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