MOTUC Castle Grayskull Pre-Order Half-Way There. Plus, Will Be Boxed With New Art!

toy-news-and-talkSome good news for Masters of the Universe fans, Matty Collector updated fans today with some information on the Castle Grayskull Pre-Order. First, the pre-order appears to be moving along nicely with it sitting at the half-way mark right now. With a little under three weeks left, it might just meet the minimum orders needed to move forward with the production.

Second, it looks like the Castle Grayskull will be coming packaged in a “closed box” which will feature all-new art by Rudy Obrero! For those that aren’t familiar with the name, he did the original Castle Grayskull packaging artwork.

GREAT news… we confirmed the ginormous 2013 Castle Grayskull would be packed in a closed box with all new art by Rudy Obrero, the designer for the original packaging! (Rudy also did the box art for Wind Raider and Granymyr.)

So this is a nice added bonus to those that will be getting this massive playset. So if you are holding out on your pre-order, don’t hesitate much longer because Mattel will only go through with the production of Castle Grayskull if they reach their goal. (Source: MattyCollector Facebook Page)

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