More Future of Marvel NOW! Teasers — “Ravenous” and “Game On”

comic-book-newsMarvel continued on with their teasers this week, and shared two more today. The future of Marvel NOW! is Journey Into Mystery going “Ravenous” and the Avengers Arena in “Game On“. If you haven’t picked up either of these books yet, I suggest you give them a try. Both have been great so far. Journey Into Mystery is a solid book with a strong female lead with Sif at the helm. And Avengers Arena has been a lot of fun so far with many young heroes going up against X-Men villain Arcade. If you are reading either of these books, would love to hear your thoughts on them.

marvel-now-journey-into-myster-ravenous-teaser marvel-now-avengers-arena-game-on-teaser

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