Monster High Ghostbuster Frankie Stein Announced as San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

Mattel San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Ghostbuster Frankie SteinHexiciah and Robecca Steam aren’t the only Monster High exclusives Mattel has lined up for San Diego Comic-Con, this summer. Frankie Stein, one of the original six ghouls that catapulted Monster High to fame, is joining the father-daughter duo decked out in gear from her latest adventure. And let’s just say that she ain’t afraid of no ghost! That’s right, Franking is moonlighting as a Ghostbuster.

Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Ghostbuster Frankie Stein sports a boo-busting jumpsuit with trim highlighting her voltrageous personality. Frankie is equipped with a neutrino wand and proton pack so ghosts–and pets ghosts like the included Slimer–beware.

The Ghostbuster Frankie is priced $25 and will be available for pre-purchase pickup for Comic-Con attendees starting June 16 on In previous years, some dolls were also made available, in limited quantities, on following Comic-Con.

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