Monster High Getting reBOOt in 2016

Mattel’s official Europe, the Middle East and Africa news site has been updated with a media release revealing that the toymaker’s freaky fabulous brand Monster High is getting a reboot in 2016.

According to a sizzle reel video that accompanied the release, the Monster High brand has been perceived as too dark, too scary and lacked a meaningful message. To change that, Mattel will reboot the 6-year-old brand with a new image that is more colorful, quirky and rallies around the tagline, “How Do You Boo?” The reboot will introduce new packaging, new content and a new–albeit controversial–look to the dolls. Side-by-side comparisons in the video show both Draculaura and Frankie Stein figures will be going less freaky and more fabulous with portraits that drop the gloom and offering a more luminous, friendlier look.

As with any change, loyal Monster High fans have voiced their displeasure with Mattel’s decision to reboot. Some fans have gone as far as starting a petition on requesting Mattel not deviate from the current look, citing the brand’s message that “imperfections are scary-cool and embracing everyone’s differences is encouraged” is being compromised for the notion that one needs to change oneself if others don’t like you.

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  • kingdomheartsislight

    Sorry but the fans should understand that MH was only made to compete against Bratz. They were never really original. Just riding the edgy trend the Bratz started. Now the Bratz are no longer in trend Mattel shows its true colors. They only care about appealing to retailers.