Mondo Batman Red Rain Statue Pre-Orders Open

Mondo Batman Red Rain StatueWe immediately fell in love with Mondo’s Batman Red Rain statue when we saw it in person at San Diego Comic-Con, earlier this year.

Mondo’s Batman Red Rain statue is based on DC Comics’ 1991 graphic novel Batman & Dracula: Red Rain in which Batman battles a clan of vampires wreaking havoc in Gotham. A series of bites eventually turns the Dark Knight into a vampire, but it doesn’t stop his pursuit of the vampires.

Mondo’s statue features the Dark Knight in his vampiric state on the hunt for vampire leader Dracula. Batman’s cape is wind-swept around the Bruce Wayne tombstone–his last connection to his humanity–and a casket of slain vampire skulls sits hidden behind him. A Mondo exclusive version of the statue includes an interchangeable right arm holding the wooden stake used to impale Dracula.

Measuring in at 15 inches tall, Mondo’s Batman Red Rain statue is made of polystone and is priced $250 for the regular version and $255 for the Mondo Exclusive version. It will be available for pre-order on Mondo’s site for three days starting Oct. 11 at noon CST continuing through noon CST on Oct. 14. The statue is estimated to ship between April and June of 2017.

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