Florida Mom Petitioning To Have Mezco’s Breaking Bad Figures Removed from Toys R Us

Seems like we get at least one of these a year, a Florida mom, Susan Shrivjer, has started an online petition to get Toys R Us to remove Mezco Toyz’s Breaking Bad action figures from its shelves. If you are not familiar with them, these are figures based on the hit AMC TV series that featured a high school science teacher that turned drug kingpin. The Mezco Breaking Bad figures come with a variety of accessories that were featured on the show, like the Heisenberg Walter White figure comes with a bag of blue crystal meth.

While as a parent I understand to an extent the issue here, but at the same time I’ll argue, be a parent. Don’t buy adult collectibles for your child. Use your brain people, just like with movies and music, or other things that have an age restriction on them, use good judgement. Don’t blame others for bad parenting. (Via THR)

UPDATE: Here’s a counter petition to keep the product on the shelves. Sign it!


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