Might as Well Give Up, This Kid Has You Beat For Best Costume

it-came-from-the-interwebsOkay, maybe that is a bold statement, but he certainly has you beat for cutest cosplaying Ghostbuster. Can we agree on that? Cooper, the child of two artistic parents that are apparently big ’80s movies fans too. Last year they created a “flying” DeLorean and Cooper went as Marty McFly. This year, he will be sporting an Ecto-1 with working Electronics and using a Windows Phone app playing Ghostbuster’s theme and Ghostbusters’ sound effects. He is also sporting a Ghostbusters jumpsuit, a Proton Pack and Ghost Trap ready to capture some ghosts and ghouls on Halloween. I’ve only mirrored one image here, there is a gallery of images to check out on Cooper’s parents’ website RottenKitten.

halloween-ghosbusters-kid-costume-cooper halloween-back-to-the-future-kid-costume-cooper

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