Microsoft Unveils Special Edition Stark Industries Xbox One

Microsoft has unveiled a special edition Stark Industries Xbox One. The console’s announcement comes a mere days before Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, centering around an internal strife between Stark’s Iron Man and his Avengers teammate Captain America, hits theaters.

The special edition Stark Industries Xbox One features a stark white color with black trim–not the metallic red and gold Iron Man color scheme one would expect–with an arc reactor at the top of the console that lights up in an electric blue color. A matching white controller with an arc reactor acting as the Xbox home button is bundled with the system, and the Stark Industries logo is featured on both the console and controller.

Unfortunately, the special edition Stark Industries Xbox One is part of a social media giveaway being held by Microsoft France. The French Xbox division is giving away three Stark Industries consoles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and there has been no indication if Microsoft plans to make the console avilable for retail purchase.

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