Microsoft Reveals Xbox One Bundle that Includes Titanfall!

video-games-gaming-newsGamers who have debated on grabbing a Xbox One may have some more bang for their buck incentive. A Xbox One bundle will be available on February 28th for $499 and include a free digital copy of Titanfall and one free months membership to Xbox Live. Titanfall is being hailed by many as a breath of fresh air in the first person genre and is a Microsoft exclusive.

Microsoft has effectively lowered the price of the Xbox One for a limited edition Titanfall bundle. This $499 package doesn’t have any bells and whistles (the included hardware is aesthetically identical to other retail models), but $70 worth of pack-ins are worth mentioning.

In addition to the standard black console, controller, and Kinect, the bundle comes with a digital copy of Titanfall and one month of Xbox Live. The bundle goes on sale alongside Titanfall on March 11. We’ve also received confirmation that Microsoft will be dropping the price of the Xbox One in the UK from £429 ($712) to £399 ($663) beginning February 28.

I must admit, if there was any game to reel in new customers…Titanfall would be it. Not sure how much hard drive that sucker will take up, but shouldn’t take up too much since the game has no campaign mode. Titalfall has been hailed as the first true killer app of the new console generation.
(Source: GameInformer)


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