Michael James Shaw Cast as Papa Midnite on ‘Constantine’

television-tv-news-and-talkSome new casting news for Constantine is being reported. Over at USA Today, they have revealed that Michael James Shaw has been cast as Papa Midnite. I have to admit, I’m kind of surprised that it has taken them this long to find their Papa Midnite considering he’s the series main antagonist. Well, it is still good to see things are progressing along.

Shaw looks to have limited projects according to his IMDb page. He has an uncredited role as a homeless man on the popular The Wire series, but not much else to get excited about. I’m sure his casting audition showed something the producers were excited about.

Constantine stars Welsh actor Matt Ryan in the role of John Constantine. The series will premiere this fall on Friday, October 24th at 10pm EST on NBC. (Source: USA Today)

michael-james-shaw-photo dc-comics-papa-midnite-1-cover

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