Mezco Toyz Unveils Summer Exclusive Deluxe ‘Breaking Bad’ Walter White In Hazmat Suit Figure

toy-news-and-talkMezco Toyz has revealed their Summer/San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Breaking Bad Walter White In Hazmat Suit Figure this afternoon. You can order it today, for $35 US, and it will ship during or before the last week of July. As you can see from the images, Walter comes with his recognizable yellow hazmat suit he is normally seen “cooking” in on the TV show. It also comes with a drum barrel and a few of Walt’s “cooking” supplies. This all comes packaged in a collector-friendly package with a Los Pollos Hermanos slipcover you can’t get anywhere else. This Mezco Summer Exclusive is limited to 1500 pieces. You can place your order here. (Source: Mezco Toyz)

mezco-toyz-exclusive-breaking-bad-walter-white-in-hazmat-suit-01 mezco-toyz-exclusive-breaking-bad-walter-white-in-hazmat-suit-02 mezco-toyz-exclusive-breaking-bad-walter-white-in-hazmat-suit-03 mezco-toyz-exclusive-breaking-bad-walter-white-in-hazmat-suit-04

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