Mezco Toyz Reveals Summer Exclusive Thundercats 14″ Cheetara and Snarf Deluxe 2-Pack

toy-news-and-talkMezco Toys revealed another of their Summer Exclusives today. The latest unveiling gives us another ThunderCats 14 inch figure, Cheetara! But that is not all. This version of Cheetara comes with a Snarf figure too. The ThunderCats speedster comes with glow-in-the-dark eyes and features 10 points of articulation. She also comes with her signature bo staff. The Snarf figure stands 5 inches tall, which is in scale to the other ThunderCats figure in this line. Soon you can add Cheetara to your ThunderCats collection along with the other 14 inch versions of Lion-O, Panthro, and Mumm-Ra (all of which are available on Mezco’s site). Both Cheetara and Snarf are packaged together in a collector-friendly window box, which will cost $50.00. The box set will ship during or before the last week of July. (Source: Mezco Toyz)

mezco-toyz-summer-exclusive-thundercats-14-inch-cheetara-01 mezco-toyz-summer-exclusive-thundercats-14-inch-cheetara-02 mezco-toyz-summer-exclusive-thundercats-14-inch-cheetara-03 mezco-toyz-summer-exclusive-thundercats-14-inch-cheetara-04

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