Mezco Officially Announces Aquiring Mortal Kombat License

Revealed at the New York Comic Con back in October (see our pics here), Mezco Toyz unveiled the first of their newly acquired Mortal Kombat license with some 6-inch figures. Which look pretty awesome. Details for the license at the time were very limited and still kind of are.

Today Mezco is officially announcing the addition of the Mortal Kombat license to their already impressive stable of brands they have. Along with the 6-inch line of action figures, there will also be 3.75-inch figures, accessories, bobble heads, plush figures, clip-ons and key chains and more coming too.

In just a few months, they will be unveiling more figures and product, along with details for the Mortal Kombat line-up at the New York Toy Fair during February 14–17, 2015. We will be on hand to pass along any coverage that we can gather for you. Lastly, fans will be able to look for Mezco’s Mortal Kombat figures at retail stores starting sometime in 2015.


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