Mezco Introduces the Holiday Mystery Box featuring Blue Krampus

toy-news-and-talkMezco Toyz once again has a holiday mystery box offering. If you recall, the last one featured a Red Krampus randomly among hundreds of Living Dead Dolls. One lucky person would be the proud owner of the rare creature. Now to go along with the three standard color Krampus Living Dolls and the rare red version, Mezco is giving away another rare version, a Blue Krampus.

This one-of-a-kind Krampus is hidden within 333 Holiday Mystery Boxes. Each box has a 10-inch Living Dead Doll, but one box randomly has the Blue Krampus! A limited number of Krampus dolls have been available in the U.S. and have sold out instantly. So this will be a highly sought after collectible by collectors everywhere. You can order your own Mystery Box today for $20 from Mezco Toyz. Do note ahead of time, that if you buy multiple boxes you may get duplicate dolls and all sales are final. The Mystery Boxes will start to ship the week of December 9th. Happy hunting!


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