MegaHouse Reveals Variable Action Heroes Devilman Figure

MegaHouse Variable Action Heroes Devilman FigureMegaHouse has revealed their Variable Action Heroes Devilman figure, based on the design of Yasushi Nirasawa.

MegaHouse’s Devilman figure is fully poseable and highly articulated. The figure stands at just over 7-inches tall and includes two sets of interchangeable hands. Pre-orders for Devilman are underway in Japan where the figure is priced between ¥8,360 to ¥9,310, which is in the $74-$84 range. MegaHouse anticipates a July release.

Devilman is a popular manga-turned-anime series created by Go Nagai. An unlikely hero, Devilman’s Modus operandi is “to fight a demon, one must become a demon.”

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