Medicom’s Latest MAFEX Harley Quinn Figure Is All Dolled Up

Medicom MAFEX Harley Quinn Dress VersionMedicom has announced a new Suicide Squad MAFEX Harley Quinn figure, this time wearing a dress.

The 6-inch MAFEX Harley is highly articulated and comes wearing a joker playing card, diamond-patterned black and gold dress, which shows off all of her tattoos. The figure includes interchangeable hands and a figure stand, but it’s the parts that are not intended for this figure that are the most interesting. The dress-wearing Harley includes two unique portraits for the original MAFEX Harley Quinn figure announced earlier this year including a bubblegum blowing portrait, and a Batman portrait with an underwater rebreather, making this figure a worthy purchase if you’ve picked up Medicom’s other MAFEX figures from the DC cinematic universe.

The MAFEX Harley Quinn in dress is priced ¥5,800 (about $58) and is scheduled for release in July 2017.

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