Medicom Suits Up Their Second MAFEX Joker Figure Based on Suicide Squad

Medicom MAFEX Joker Suit VersionMedicom has announced a second Joker figure in their MAFEX collector line based on Warner Bros. Suicide Squad, this time wearing a suit.

The twelfth-scale MAFEX Joker (suit version) is based on Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime and includes a pair of interchangeable heads in Leto’s likeness. The Joker can be restrained in an included straight jacket for when he becomes a little unhinged and the figure is otherwise accessorized with a cane, pistol, gold-plated machine gun, and MAFEX’s customary figure stand.

Medicom’s MAFEX Joker is slated for a June 2017 release and the figure is priced ¥5,800, which is about $58.

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