Medicom Releases MAFEX Stormtrooper Photo Gallery

In preparation for the pre-order period, Medicom has released photos of its MAFEX Stormtrooper. The Medicom MAFEX Stormtrooper includes an E-11 blaster rifle, which can be stored in a holster on the figure’s belt and stands 16 centimeters tall, which is about 6.3 inches for those of us on imperial units. The MAFEX Stormtrooper is designed with a myriad of articulation points, many of which are cleverly hidden through innovative engineering. Pre-orders for the Stormtrooper are now being taken, with prices ranging between $36-$55.

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  • Looks good better than the Black series version.

    • Far better than the Hasbro Black Series 6-inch version. If the shoulder armor on TDK Batman (see review here: is put on these, they’ll be fantastic. The around is softer and allows for far better articulation than the Hasbro figures can achieve.

      • Yeah that shoulder does look good. Does anywhere in England stock them?

        • They might, but you’d be better off looking at a or and importing them. The prices are lower if you pre-order (so VAT will be lower) and you won’t pay the premium English businesses will charge you as the middleman.

          • Yeah it would make sense but Importing them may be a bit of a hassle.