Medicom Announces Real Action Heroes Black Butler Ciel Phantomhive

Real Action Heroes Black Butler: Book of Circus Ciel PhantomhiveMedicom has announced Ciel Phantomhive as the next figure from the popular Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) manga / anime series to join its sixth-scale Real Action Heroes line.

Ciel will come on a completely new Real Action Heroes body dubbed the RAH Junior body. The smaller sixth-scale body puts the diminutive Ciel at just over 8-and-a-half inches tall making him shorter than the upcoming Real Action Heroes Sebastian, who’ll stand about 3-inches taller.

The Real Action Heroes Ciel includes three unique facial expressions and two styles of hair. Ciel’s eye patch can be removed to reveal his contract seal and the figure’s coat is removable, as well. In addition, a cane and cup of earl gray tea with saucer are included, as is the customary RAH figure stand.

Pre-orders for the RAH Ciel are open, now, in Japan. Ciel is expected to arrive in late January 2016 at a deal with the devil price of ¥27,864, which is about $230.

Medicom Real Action Heroes Black Butler: Book of Circus Sebastian Michaelis (Sold Separately)

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