Medicom Announces MAFEX Death Trooper From Rogue One

Medicom MAFEX Death TrooperMedicom has announced a MAFEX Death Trooper from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

With its gloss-black armor and metallic, green-colored eye lenses the Death Trooper is Medicom’s first figure from Rogue One announced for the 6-inch scale MAFEX line. The figure includes two interchangeable heads allowing the character to be displayed as a standard Death Trooper or lead the squad as a Death Trooper Specialist. When serving duty as the Death Trooper Specialist a shoulder pauldron with harness and ammo pack can be suited up on the figure to denote rank, otherwise the basic armor helps fill the Imperial ranks. A blaster pistol and two blaster rifles come with the figure, as do a number of switch-out hands in which to equip the accessories. Finally, a figure stand rounds out the included pack-ins.

Medicom’s MAFEX Death Trooper is priced ¥5,800 ($55) and is scheduled for an Aug. 2017 release.

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