Medicom Announces ’90s Comic-Style Wolverine Figure for MAFEX Series

Medicom MAFEX Wolverine Comic VersionMedicom is waxing nostalgis announcing a ’90s comic-style Wolverine figure for its 6-inch MAFEX figure series.

The MAFEX Wolverine figure is designed with the signature yellow X-Men jumpsuit with blue trim particular to the Marvel Comic designs of the early-to-mid-90s-era. Wolverine will come with three pairs of interchangeable hands, including a pair with extended adamantium claws, a mask that can display the figure with either stoic or teeth clenching expressions, and an unmasked portrait. The hyper-articulated figure stands approximately 145mm tall, which is roughly 5.7-inches.

Medicom is hoping that the figure will give you a serious case of ’90s X-Men fever, as the whopping ¥7,800 price, which is about $72, isn’t inexpensive. Like other MAFEX figures recently released by Medicom, we expect this to carry a $95 retail price stateside. Save those pennies!

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