Medal of Honor Warfighter “Zero Dark Thirty” DLC Map Pack Now Available

video-games-gaming-newsHeads up Medal of Honor fans, the first DLC for Medal of Honor Warfighter is available for download at for PC today. It will be available tomorrow for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the first DLC titled “Zero Dark Thirty,” players are taken into some of the most dangerous regions in the world as they step into the boots of the elite soldiers who led the hunt for known terrorist, Bin Laden. The map packs includes two new multiplayer maps featuring the Darra Gun Market, which is the largest illegal arms market in the world and the Chitral Compound, a remote region governed by tribes of the area that won’t even allow the Pakistani army to operate in. Available free to those that pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Warfighter and $9.99 for those that didn’t. Also in a cross-promotion campaign in North America, EA will be donating a $1 to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation from each “Zero Dark Thirty” Map Pack that is sold through March 19th, 2014.

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