Mecha Zone’s Mechanaut V2: Biologist Pre-Order Available

I was waiting for David White of Mecha Zone to post his latest creation to his store for pre-order and I totally missed that he did. I’m assuming sometime last week David posted his latest Mechanaut for pre-order, the Biologist. This 6-inch figure is digitally printed. Go ahead, I’ll let that sink in. Yes, digitally printed. He has created another fine-looking robot to sell. The Biologist features 14 points of articulation and has 5mm ports on the arms and legs, which also works with Transformers figures and other like toys too.

Right now it looks like he sold through half of the limited 16 figure run so far. Pre-orders will remain open until November 16th. So if you are interested, don’t wait too long because this will sell out. There is also a bonus item available for those that pre-order, the Predanaut Fang. You can place your order in the Mecha Zone store.

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