Mecha Zone Unveils Predanaut Pterror, Pre-Orders Open Jan. 10th!

If you haven’t been paying attention to the work that David White has done under his brand Mecha Zone, then you are truly missing out on some kick ass stuff. David creates some fantastic robotic creations, all done in 3D printing. I know what you are thinking, 3D printing, how can that be any good? Well trust me it is. These are production level quality figures he has created in his Mechanauts and Predanauts action figure line.

The latest figure in the line, Predanaut Pterror, will be opening for pre-orders on January 10th. The figure stands 6.5″ tall and features 17 points of articulation! It has 5mm ports on the arms and legs, the same as your Transformers. It comes with an action figure stand for posing. They are priced at $65, but from what I’ve seen, definitely worth it for those looking for something unique and very cool looking.

Not sure if he intends to re-release the earlier 3 figures in the line (I kind of hope he does), but it sounds like he has plenty of new stuff planned in the coming year. With a new Mechanaut and Predanaut 6″ figures, plus mini Mechanauts and Predanauts, there will be much to be taking a look at.

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