Maxx Zero and Robo Force Return

toy-news-and-talkThe original Robo Force series doesn’t come to mind when I think back to the toys of ’80s I collected and was familiar with. So after doing a little reading, I’m now looking forward to Toyfinity‘s revival of the vintage toy line. When vintage lines are looked at through today’s technology, I have to check them out. At least a little. Using the Glyos System, Toyfinity are looking to update these robo-warriors and from the images (mirrored below), look pretty cool.

Tonight the first edition of their Robo Force goes on sale. I’m not finding a lot details, but you can read a review of the Robo Force series here at Doomkick. The first editions are available tonight at 9pm EST in the Toyfinity store, they will be limited to one per customer for this first order.

You can also check out a little behind the scenes details by visiting Onell Design who had a hand in helping bring these guys back to life. Source: Onell Design)

UPDATE: Either I underestimated the demand or the production run on these was really low. Because they sold out in 3 minutes. I missed out when I visited at 9:03pm. On Twitter, John “Doctor” Kent tweeted more will be available in December.

maxx-zero-regenesis-form-2-glyos-system maxx-meets-ex-glyos-system hun-dred-regenesis-form-2-glyos-system maxx-zero-regenesis-form-4-glyos-system

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